14 Mar 2008

Padang, the city of...

I can tell you a lot of things about Padang, beside the dishes off course. Here, take a look.
It is a fist pillar, near my home in Padang. I know it looks like the one in sachet (Extra Joss). It was erected to honor the struggle of Bagindo Aziz Chan (the first mayor of Padang) in extruding the Dutch troops.

It is the three musketers, the statue is located in my senior high school, the only school in Padang which has this kind of art thing.

Being renovated since the big earthquake in Padang last year, this building is a car showroom located at Khatib Sulaiman street.



  1. Hi, de. Ini keren banget.. Aku suka! Lain kali kalo sempet ajarin aku ya.. Wuih.. Padang jadi indah banget dilihat di sini...(widia)

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