20 Oct 2008


Last weekend, I went back to Kuncen village, Wonosobo. It's about two hours ride from Jogja. So I pushed my old motor bike to it's limit. I don't know why, but I really missed this village. The destiny brought me here three months ago when I had to take KKN obligation from my university which every student of UGM must accomplish. But,after that obligation has done, I knew it will not be easy for me to forget the people I've met here. My friend used to say that in Jogja, If you want to get home, you only have one home to go,which is your own home but in Kuncen, you'll go to many homes.
And once again I learn something from this little community, I just wanna write and write more about this little sanctuary. This picture was taken on Saturday, when all men help a family (their neighbor) to build a house. These men are unpaid. Free! Where else you can witness that thing.

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